How I Fix my Sunrider Foods:

NUPLUS and/or VITASHAKE– 3X a day; I add a packet of NuPlus or VitaShake to 8 to 16 ounces of water. Then I add a few drops (or squirts) of the SunnyDew.

CALLI TEA– I steep a bag of Calli in 1 to 4 cups of very hot water (not boiling) for approximately 5 minutes. Make the tea in a glass cup or pot, never metal. Do not microwave the tea bag.

FORTUNE DELIGHT BEVERAGE – I add a 3 gram packet of Fortune Delight to tepid water so it can dissolve. Then I add iced water and a few drops or squirts of SunnyDew. Sometimes, I’m leaving my house for the day, so I dissolve 2-4 packets I tepid water and add that to the 2 quart container of ice water I have prepared to take with me.

I also like to drink Fortune Delight as a hot tea and simply dissolve in a cup of hot water.
Sometimes, I add the Fortune Delight beverage to the Calli Tea and drink Calli-Delight. I mix the flavors and get some very delicious combinations.

QUINARY - Daily, I mix a packet of powdered Quinary into my NuPlus or VitaShake drink.
Sometimes, I take a vial of Liqui-5 and drink it when I have my NuPlus or VitaShake.
I could also choose to take the Quinary Capsules with my NuPlus or VitaShake.

Of course, I also have the choice of making the Quinary into a tea in a cup of hot water with a little SunnyDew added. I have a couple of grandchildren that love it this way. Always make sure you get all of it in the bottom of the cup!


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