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  • NuPlus/Piña-Banana 10 Packets - $26.52
  • NuPlus/Piña-Banana 60 Packets- $139.93
  • NuPlus/Simply Herbs no fruit 10 Packets- $27.99
  • NuPlus/Simply Herbs (no fruit)/60 Packets- $156.7
  • NuPlus/Original (no beans)/60 Packets- $139.93
  • NuPlus/Apple-Cinnamon 10 Packets - $26.52
  • NuPlus/Apple-Cinnamon 60 Packets- $139.93
  • NuPlus/Naturally Plain 10 Packets- $26.52
  • NuPlus/Naturally Plain 60 Packets- $139.93
  • NuPlus/Mixed Berry 10 Packets- $26.52
  • NuPlus/Mixed Berry 60 Packets- $139.93


Sunrider Regeneration Start-up Kit

SunnyDew Liquid Stevia, combined with our health drinks can help curb cravings for sugary sweet foods and drinks.

Regeneration Start-up Kit

Sunrider Regeneration Start-up Kit

Olympic athletes drink NuPlus.This is real food that works for everyone. NuPlus was the exclusive nutritional supplier for the 2008 Israeli Olympic Team.

10 Packets

60 Packets

10 Packets

60 Packets

NuPlus/Mixed Berry
10 Packets

NuPlus/Mixed Berry
60 Packets

NuPlus/Naturally Plain
10 Packets

NuPlus/Naturally Plain
60 Packets

NuPlus/Simply Herbs
(no fruit)/10 Packets

NuPlus/Simply Herbs
(no fruit)/60 Packets

(no beans)/60 Packets

NuPlus fills in nutritional gaps and eliminates poor eating habits.* It is instant fuel for the body.

The whole food nutrients are immediately absorbed into the blood stream and put into use as fuel for health and energy.

  • Strengthens the body by quickly nourishing cells.*
  • Provides nutrients to build lean muscle and healthy tissue throughout the body.*
  • Supplies enhanced energy with fewer calories.*
  • Stimulates fat burning.*
  • Reduces cravings.*
  • Convenient for people on the go.*

You can eat lots of food, even organic foods, and still not notice any real energy or health benefit.

That’s because the foods have been grown on soils that are depleted of nutrients, sprayed with pesticides, processed with chemicals, and without value by the time you eat them.

NuPlus provides powerful nutrition you can really feel for everyone, no matter their diet. Athletes and vegans love the results they see.

It has only 60 calories and only 1 gram of fat, with 10 grams of nature’s healthy complex carbs for long last energy and vitality.

People sometimes wonder why so many carbohydrates?


That’s what nature intended us to eat. Go to the garden; pick all the things that nature grows, (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans).

Ninety percent of the food nature grows is high in complex carbohydrates, low fat, low in protein.

Wow. Nature must know we need a lot. We do.

Complex carbohydrates break down to glycogen which is the fuel for your brain and your muscles.

That’s why you get such energy when you have a drink of NuPlus or VitaShake.

It’s nature’s whole food.

SunriderSpeaking of protein, NuPlus is super concentrated and are made with the most nutritious all natural, whole food ingredients, with no added sugars, fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers of any kind.

Sunrider formulas are carefully prepared to maintain the whole food structure of the plants.

Fake foods make you fat. Whole foods make you whole.*

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, Sunrider’s approach to health is to use the right combination of food to nourish and cleanse the body – and to keep the five systems of the body in balance.

* Weight loss success stories are in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Results not typical. Individual Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Sunrider Int'l. The information contained in this Website is provided for general informational purposes only. It is not intended as and should not be relied upon as medical advice. The products on this website are not intended in any way to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure disease.

NuPlus Ingredients:

Coix Fruit:

  • A powerful antioxidant, helps maintain a healthy nervous system, and normal cholesterol levels.*
  • Tokyo University found Coix Fruit to be their food of choice to maintain a healthy Defense system.*
  • University of California found Coix Fruit to lower cholesterol better than oats.*

Soy Bean:

  • Sunrider soy is non-GMO, whole fermented soy, not isolated soy, where the good part has been given to the animals, and what is left is sold as isolated soy to the health food industry. Isolated protein clogs the lymph system.*
  • Soy bean is the only vegetable source that contains all the essential amino acids. Soybeans are rich in calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, B-vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber.*
  • Soy bean may help in reducing harmful cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar, and support weight management.*

Chinese Yam:

  • Helps regulate metabolism and digestion, and is rich in natural hormone producing substances, emollients, and enzymes.*
  • Smoothes mucus membranes and supports healthy kidneys, lungs, stomach, adrenals, and muscles.*

The ingredients in NuPlus include plants that provide dramatic results based on thousands of years of documentation from Chinese herbalists.

These are not medicinal herbs, nor are their benefits medically proven.

Instead, these are healthy, whole food grade herbs that contain concentrated amounts of antioxidants, amino acids (the building blocks of protein), bioflavonoids, and other phytochemicals (plant nutrients) that have been scientifically proven to provide important health benefits.

“I began eating Sunrider products for the purpose of losing some extra inches. Along with a healthy lifestyle, I ate the VitaShake, Quinary, Calli, and Fortune Delight. I had my VitaShake 20 minutes before my meals and when it was time for me to eat; I ate less because I wasn’t very hungry. I drank 2 quarts of Fortune Delight tea every day. In less than 6 months, I have lost 45 pounds. The pounds melted off with very little effort. My also lost my craving for my favorite junk foods, potato chips and ice cream.”*

Evelyn K. - Arizona

"I had headaches and sinus problems for years. I lived on sinus medication. After 3 months of drinking NuPlus and Fortune Delight and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, I have no more! Also, my cholesterol has gone from 240 to 163."*

M. Keith - Oklahoma

“When I first started eating Sunrider foods, my body weight was 170 pounds and I had a 34 inch waist. After eating the foods and drinking Fortune Delight for 3 months and taking my daily walks, I began to see a big drop in my weight. I dropped to 130 pounds and have gone to a 32 inch waist. During this time, I was amazed because I had a lot of extra, lasting energy.”*

Gary W. - Colorado

NuPlus Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 Pkg.

Calories 60

Total Fat 1g

Total Carb. 10g

Sat. Fat 0g

Protein 3g

Sodium 15g

Cholesterol 0mg

Dietary Fiber 0g

Sugars <1g

NuPlus Ingredients: CoixLacryma, Jobi Seed, Soybean Seed, Chinese Yam Root, Euryale Ferox (Fox Nut) Seed, NelumboNucifera (Lotus) Seed, NelumboNucifera (Lotus) Root, PyrusMalus (Apple) Fruit, LiliumBrownii (Waterlily) Bulb, Phaseolus Vulgaris (Red Bean) Seed, Phaseolus Vulgaris (Red Bean) Seed, Phaseolus Vulgaris (Black Bean) Seed, Phaseolus Vulgaris (White Bean) Seed and ImperataRoot.Contains Soybeans

Recommendation: Mix with 8-12 oz. of liquid when hungry.


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See What Others Say...

“For over 40 years, I have agonized over my excess weight. Every diet was agony, and I would always gain whatever I had lost dieting, plus about 10 more pounds. Constant agony! About 7 years ago I began eating the Sunrider foods. With my new healthy lifestyle, I was eating and shrinking at the same time. That was a first! I lost seven dress sizes. Food does not call to me anymore. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. My mother-in-law decided to try Sunrider. Within one month of eating it 3 times a day, she lost the need to walk with a cane. At 86, she’s still eats it faithfully and says it’s wonderful.”*

Karen K. - Arizona

“I was tired of being tired, however when my friend told me about Sunrider products, I never dreamed that something so easy and delicious could change my life so dramatically. I began eating Sunrider along with a healthy lifestyle, my body has eliminated a 3 pound tumor of the uterus. I no longer need to take a nap during the day. I have 4 extra hours of solid energy a day and I have lost 24 pounds. Nourish, Balance, Cleanse worked for me!”*

Joan F. - Texas

“I’ve been a mail man in beautiful California for 21 years. I walk 4-6 miles a day and had developed a bad knee. The pain was so bad; I could only get 2-3 hours sleep a night. I had been to several doctors who all recommended a surgery called an osteotomy, where they cut the bone all the way across the left knee, take out a V-section of bone, and reattach the outside ligaments on the inside. The operation would be only 70% successful and I would be out of work for 4-6 months, and would need a knee placement in 5-8 years. Instead of surgery, I began a healthy lifestyle and started taking the Sunrider basic nutritional drinks. I also began to take JOI. After 7 months, I stopped wearing knee braces while walking my route. I am out of pain. I went water skiing which I haven’t done in years and never thought I’d do again!”*

Glenn T. - California

“I am a bachelor. I don’t like to cook and have no time for it. I began a healthy lifestyle and the Sunrider foods because they were nutritious and convenient. Immediately after I began, I noticed an increasing amount of energy. One day, while I was at a friend’s house, in walked a large long-haired white Persian Cat. The reason I noticed this cat, is that I had an allergy to cats to the point that my eyes would get puffy and runny and it would be hard for me to breathe. As I watched it stroll around my leg, I wondered when my allergy attack would begin. To my amazement, the allergy attack never happened and I’m still waiting. It’s been eleven years I was thrilled.”*

Rodd S. - Texas

“My blood pressure was quite high from the age of 19 thought most of my adult life. It had accelerated to the point where I was going to the hospital weekly to get it checked. The doctors had recommended surgery and told me I was a walking heart attack. I had decided to seek an alternative route. I did – within a month of beginning a healthy lifestyle and eating the Sunrider foods, my blood pressure dropped to normal, something the doctor had not been able to do for the past 15 years”.*

Smokey K. - California

“One of the benefits of my healthy lifestyle and eating Sunrider has been the lowering of my cholesterol level form 412 to 370, and then to 255. My triglycerides have also lowered; they have gone from 605 to 42. After a short time, another notable success was the disappearance of the esophagus reflex, which had plagued me for years and caused me many nights of sleeplessness. I’ve had to sleep on cement blocks under the head of my bed and use 3 pillows to prop up my head. All that has changed. The blocks have been removed and I use only one pillow now. My bowling team mates are amazed at the energy and good attitude I have at the young age of 76.”*

D. West - California

“I’d been on medication for hormonal imbalance for 10 years. I, sometimes, had one good week per month. The rest of the time ranged from bad to terrible. My mood swings and bloating were almost constant. Migraines were coming more frequently and lasting longer. The medication was becoming less effective. Once I started a healthy lifestyle and the Sunrider herbal basic whole foods and Bella, during the first month, my migraines and mood swings practically disappeared and my bloating became a thing of the past.”*

Valerie C. - Iowa

“When I found out about Sunrider, I was 18 and for some reason I resisted it. I thought it was a plot by my mother to put me on a diet to lose weight. Actually, losing weight was the least of my problems. I was depressed. I had aches and pains in my body, constant congestion, and horrible headaches at least every week, sores all over my body, hair loss, bleeding gums and loose teeth. With my new healthy lifestyle constant congestion cleared in just two weeks. After six months eating the basic foods and JOI, my joints and muscles were pain-free. My headaches disappeared, as did my sores, hair loss and mouth problems. I also had a great side effect. I didn’t have a problem with overeating anymore. I have lost fifty pounds.”*

Tasha V. - Arizona

“The more Rolaids I ate for indigestion, the worse I got. Soon, I was limiting my foods, trying to eliminate the digestive discomfort. I couldn’t eat apples, pears, salads, or meat. I went from Rolaids to a healthy lifestyle and Quinary, NuPlus, Calli and Fortune Delight. I’m free! And guess what? I have also gotten relief from my allergies!”*

Marissa B. - Mississippi

Check Out These Sunrider Products

Actress Sharon Stone said this about Calli, “I am a tea fanatic. I like Sunrider Calli tea, an herbal cleansing tea.” * Harper's Bazaar Magazine/January 29th, 2008 

Sunrider whole food concentrates contain:

  • All natural, herbal-based formulas without chemical additives.
  • No animal protein and hormones.
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.
  • No preservatives in our tablets or vegetable-based capsules.

Calli Tea works with the body's natural cleansing systems, stimulates fat metabolism, contributing to healthy weight management, and provides powerful antioxidants.*