Sunrider Testimonials

“I never thought it would be possible to crave healthy foods, especially after having a two year addiction to eating chocolate every day, but I was wrong! I started a healthy life style and eating the foods in 1990 and in only two days I didn't crave chocolate anymore. It seemed miraculous! Most importantly, rather than falling asleep in my car in my driveway every afternoon around 2:30 PM, I no longer needed my afternoon naps. I was only 49 years old at the time. I have enjoyed a 50 pound weight loss, too. I also have more time in the day.”*  

Carole G. - CA - English as a Second Language Instructor

“I had been having problems with high cholesterol and my doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor. I didn’t like the side effects, so I decided to try adjusting my diet. I have been always tried to eat nutritionally for a long time. I began using the Sunrider whole food products along with my healthy lifestyle and waited to see the results. My cholesterol was 254. Two months later I had it checked and it is has already dropped to 215. I am excited and so is my doctor.”*  

Mary K. - Grand mother

“Life Is Better since I found out about this Sunrider. I’d love to create a bumper sticker that says this, and I would put it on all my family's cars, because it's true! My life has been better in every possible way since incorporating the regeneration food program. Let's go back twenty years. I was near the end of my fourth pregnancy, experiencing extreme insomnia, panic attacks, low blood sugar, and hormonal craziness that made me dangerous to my children. At that time, I was a total health nut! I ate only the best raw food, no sugar or dairy, ate vitamin supplements and herbal concoctions of every kind trying to get back into balance. I had literally come to the end of what the American so-called alternative health world could do for me. That's when I heard about these Sunrider and began consuming the whole foods. Along with my healthy lifestyle, my symptoms were remarkably better within two weeks. Then, after having my baby, I experienced not one minute of post-partum depression. This was a miracle, because after two of my other births my depression and terrible hormonal imbalances tormented me and my family for months. Shortly thereafter, my husband and I started using the basic Sunrider program and wow! Things really started changing for the better. Along with daily exercise, his stress level came down, and he gained muscle. My stress level came down to the point that I could start teaching voice lessons in my home again, even with four little children. I just felt like doing it! In the first three months my blood sugar problems disappeared (no more shakiness, black-outs, sudden panic when out of energy), and it has been that way for the past twenty years. Migraine headaches are a thing of the past. I have gained ten pounds of muscle on my right side (the side with atrophied muscles from polio at age one year), and, best of all, I am the same person every day of the month. My mood disorder is 90% under control because my body chemistry is in balance. These are the best herbal whole food products in the world.”*  

Anna C. - Professional Singer

"About thirty years ago, I developed tension headaches, vertigo, blurred vision and nausea that became progressively more violent. As the symptoms increased in frequency, driving a car and even carrying my baby on staircases became a safety risk. I became fearful of leaving my home, not knowing when the next attack would strike. My husband's cousin, a neurologist, referred me to a team of medical specialists. At their request, I underwent extensive & costly testing. After nine months, my doctors ruled-out brain tumors, epilepsy & other conditions. I was diagnosed with, ‘Meniere's Disease’- a middle-ear equilibrium disorder. Their prognosis: deafness within three months! Apparently, there weren't any medications available back then. In order to immediately alleviate the debilitating symptoms, surgery was recommended. This involved severing my 8th cranial nerve. The surgery would guarantee deafness in one ear, while risking hearing loss in the other ear. Music had been an integral part of my life, as I had studied piano since age 5, so, losing my ability to hear was a devastating thought. After much prayer and searching, I found out about Sunrider whole foods and began to apply the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Within three months all my adverse symptoms completely subsided! My only goal was to rid myself of the symptoms that plagued me, all the while not concerning myself about weight loss. However, as I continued to eat the foods, I was pleasantly surprised when my skirts began to fall off! I ended up losing 4 dress sizes. I'm daily exposed to piano students, who are often ill. Yet, I do not avoid them, as my immune system remains strong. I enjoy the stamina to participate in a triathlon & other races. I no longer have breathing problems and have thrown out my inhalers and I sleep soundly."*  

Laura V. - Professional Musician



“I taught elementary school for 9 years and won many swing and ballroom dance contests, including both a western regional and national swing dance championship. I became very ill and was not able to keep up with my life’s dreams to teach school and dance. Seeking help from medical professionals was to no avail. I gained weight, and suffered from frequent colds, varicose veins, extremely low blood pressure, pale and prematurely aging skin, allergies, and loss of hearing. My headaches became increasingly severe accompanied by vomiting. I had trouble sleeping and could no longer function as a normal human being. I began taking supplements – 40 vitamins and minerals, three times a day! Those did not help in any way. My aching feet, joints and muscles worsened to the point I started using orthotic inserts to alleviate the pain. I was also informed that I was fast approaching a serious diabetic problem. Due to my failing health, my dance career had ceased and I was forced to quit teaching school. Since 1985, along with a healthy life style, when I began eating Sunrider whole foods my life has made a 180 degree turn around. I no longer suffer from the pain in my joints and feet, low energy, or headaches. I am off thyroid medication. For the first time in my life, I no longer have a weight problem. I no longer have water retention or varicose veins, and my allergy problems have disappeared. My blood pressure is normal, and my skin looks younger than it did 20 years ago! My regained health has allowed me to dance on cruise ships and preform at numerous prestigious events. I recently won another first place championship. Sunrider gave me my dreams back!”*  

Mary M. - Professional Dancer

“My mother suffered with colitis for 38 years. Indeed, her lifestyle was extremely curtailed because of it. As you can imagine, her colitis affected the entire family. She was on medications for all 38 years. The doctors told her a cure was impossible but they would 'manage' her disease and said there would never be cure for her problem. When I found out about Sunrider 10½ years ago, I encouraged my mom to eat some of our Sunrider foods -3 meals a day of NuPlus, Quinary, Calli and SunnyDew, along with a healthy lifestyle. Within a couple of weeks, she had NO symptoms of colitis. It is now a thing of the past. I still feel a little sad when I think of the quality of life that my mother endured for almost 40 years. My dear mother turned 85 last month. Of course, she orders her Sunrider foods every month. It is her top priority!”*  

Betsey P. - Arizona

“My son, Jeff, was in an accident in front of our house. He was getting tools out of his trunk, when a bicyclist ran into him, crushing both of his legs. In the hospital, they wanted to make 4 long incisions down each leg to release the pressure. There was extreme muscle and tissue damage. The back of his legs were nearly solid black (hematomas) from the ankles to the hips. I gave him his regular NuPlus and Calli , and added JOI. I also applied SunBreeze to his legs. At the end of seven days, not only were no incisions necessary, the doctors were astounded that the black hematomas were completely gone, with only a yellowish tinge remaining. In a month he was back to his carpet cleaning business.”*  

Christa A. - Idaho

“One of the benefits of my healthy lifestyle and eating Sunrider has been the lowering of my cholesterol level form 412 to 370, and then to 255. My triglycerides have also lowered; they have gone from 605 to 42. After a short time, another notable success was the disappearance of the esophagus reflex, which had plagued me for years and caused me many nights of sleeplessness. I’ve had to sleep on cement blocks under the head of my bed and use 3 pillows to prop up my head. All that has changed. The blocks have been removed and I use only one pillow now. My bowling team mates are amazed at the energy and good attitude I have at the young age of 76.”*  

D. West - California

“I’d been on medication for hormonal imbalance for 10 years. I, sometimes, had one good week per month. The rest of the time ranged from bad to terrible. My mood swings and bloating were almost constant. Migraines were coming more frequently and lasting longer. The medication was becoming less effective. Once I started a healthy lifestyle and the Sunrider herbal basic whole foods and Bella, during the first month, my migraines and mood swings practically disappeared and my bloating became a thing of the past.”*  

Valerie C. - Iowa

“The more Rolaids I ate for indigestion, the worse I got. Soon, I was limiting my foods, trying to eliminate the digestive discomfort. I couldn’t eat apples, pears, salads, or meat. I went from Rolaids to a healthy lifestyle and Quinary, NuPlus, Calli and Fortune Delight. I’m free! And guess what? I have also gotten relief from my allergies!”*  

Marissa B. - Mississippi

“I was told by the family doctor that the calcification on my wrist and a large calcification on my tail bone were from old injuries and I would have to learn to live with the pain. After beginning a healthy lifestyle and eating Sunrider foods for 3 months, I notice the calcification on my wrist was softening. The doctor told me that the calcification on my tailbone felt strange. He said, “It feels like I can move it. I’ve never seen this before.” I began taking 16 JOI a day. After 2 months, I no longer had any pain where the calcifications were.”*  

Lorene H. - Illinois

“I recently got a renewed appreciation for SunBars. I work long, often stress-filled days, involving a lot of intense mental work, along with plenty of challenging workplace interaction. I usually eat a SunBar in the late afternoon with my Fortune Delight beverage before my 7 PM workout. Recently, when I was out of SunBars, I noticed a dramatic difference. Usually, my body carries me through my workout nicely, but without the bars, I found myself ‘fading more rapidly’.”*  

Jim A. - California

“I had headaches and sinus problems for years. I lived on sinus medication. After 3 months of a healthy lifestyle and drinking NuPlus and Fortune Delight, I have no more! Also, my cholesterol has gone from 240 to 163."*  

M. Keith - Oklahoma

"My health had reached an all-time low after the birth of my 4th child. I was exhausted all the time. My knees ached constantly and my allergies were working overtime. I lived on at least 2 Actifed a day and caught every sickness that came my way. In the first month of enjoying NuPlus, Quinary, and Fortune Delight, my knees stopped to the point that I started a daily exercise program. The allergies I have lived with since I was a child have disappeared. I now have unlimited energy instead of being chronically tired. Along with my healthy lifestyle, I got a big bonus - I have lost 15 pounds."*  

Elizabeth B. - Wisconsin

“Four of my six children were born with chronic breathing problems. We saw doctors regularly as the children had attacks and were put on daily medication. They often missed up to 30 days of school and missed out on many sports activities. They had allergies to the weather pets, grasses, trees, and some foods. The year after our family began eating NuPlus, Quinary, and Calli ; our healthy lifestyle resulted in my 3 elementary children received perfect attendance awards. Today, attacks and allergies are a thing of the past.”*  

Nancy K. - California

“I began eating Sunrider products for the purpose of losing some extra inches. Along with a healthy lifestyle, I ate the VitaShake, Quinary, Calli , and Fortune Delight. I had my VitaShake 20 minutes before my meals and when it was time for me to eat; I ate less because I wasn’t very hungry. I drank 2 quarts of Fortune Delight tea every day. In less than 6 months, I have lost 45 pounds. The pounds melted off with very little effort. My also lost my craving for my favorite junk foods, potato chips and ice cream.”*  

Evelyn K. - Arizona

“When I first started eating Sunrider foods, my body weight was 170 pounds and I had a 34 inch waist. After eating the foods and drinking Fortune Delight for 3 months and taking my daily walks, I began to see a big drop in my weight. I dropped to 130 pounds and have gone to a 32 inch waist. During this time, I was amazed because I had a lot of extra, lasting energy.”*  

Gary W. - Colorado