5 formulas in one. Quinary feeds the 5 main systems of your body with 50 different, perfectly combined, all natural, whole food plant sources. It feeds the Digestive (colon), Circulatory (blood), Immune (T-cells), Respiratory (heart and lungs) and Endocrine Systems (hormones).

The combination of herbal foods in Quinary is carefully selected to bring regeneration to these important systems while effectively fighting degeneration of cells and muscle tissue. Mix Quinary with NuPlus or VitaShake, our all natural health food formulas, for a quick, super charged meal.

"Four of my six children were born with chronic breathing problems. We saw doctors regularly as the children had attacks and were put on daily medication. They often missed up to 30 days of school and missed out on many sports activities. They had allergies to the weather pets, grasses, trees, and some foods. The year after our family began eating NuPlus, Quinary, and Calli ; our healthy lifestyle resulted in my 3 elementary children received perfect attendance awards. Today, attacks and allergies are a thing of the past."*

Nancy K. - California