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50 Foods – Feed 5 Systems

The human body is the greatest wonder!

We can divide it into systems, each of which is highly complex.

The dividing line between the systems may not be distinct because they must all work together as a team for the body to be in balance.

When any system is out of balance, it affects all of the other systems.

Five horses which are running together pulling a cart must work as a team. If one horse goes faster or slower, it will affect the other four horses.

It is the same when one system is out of balance in the body – the other systems also become imbalanced.

How can you feed the 5 main systems of your body with 50 different, perfectly combined all natural, whole food plant sources in less than 30 seconds?


The food grade herbs in Quinary are unlike any other product to help keep the entire body in balance.

Each serving includes five different formulas combined into one amazing health and nutritional supplement.

Quinary is perfectly combined and concentrated to nourish these 5 systems:*

    • Circulatory System (blood and transport of nutrients)
    • Defense System (immune/T cells)
    • Digestive System (digestion and elimination)
    • Respiratory System(lungs and lymph system)
    • Endocrine System (hormonal)

Based on the Philosophy of Regeneration, Sunrider’s approach to health is to use the right combination of food to nourish and cleanse the body – and to keep the five systems of the body in balance.

The combination of herbs in Quinary is carefully selected to bring regeneration while effectively fighting degeneration of cells and muscle tissue.


Recommendation: 1-3 Quinary packets of concentrated powder formula per day

(1 packet =10 caps, 1 bottle =100 caps, Liqui 5 - 1 liquid vial =10 caps).


“One day, while I was at a friend’s house, in walked a large long-haired white Persian Cat. The reason I noticed this cat, is that I had an allergy to cats to the point that my eyes would get puffy and runny and it would be hard for me to breath. As I watched it stroll around my leg, I wondered when my allergy attack would begin. To my amazement, the allergy attack never happened and I’m still waiting. It’s been eleven years I was thrilled. Along with a healthy lifestyle, I had been having Quinary with my VitaShake 3 times a day.”*

Rodd S. - Texas

“I was tired of being tired, however when my friend told me about Sunrider products, I never dreamed that something so easy and delicious could change my life so dramatically. Since I began a new healthy lifestyle and eating Sunrider whole foods, my body has eliminated a 3 pound tumor of the uterus. I no longer needed to take a nap during the day. I have 4 extra hours of solid energy a day and I have lost 24 pounds. Nourish, Balance, Cleanse worked for me!”*

Joan F. - Texas

“Over the years, I became more tired and felt like I was going through the motions of life, instead of living a life. I got to the point where I started to feel like I didn’t even care anymore. That was when I discovered an illegal drug known as speed. The next six years I got deeper and deeper into using the drugs and I fell in love with the sensation of abundant energy. I wasn’t eating anything except soda, coffee, and chocolate. I knew I was almost dead because my heart raced so much and my hands and feet had been numb for years. I would stay up for days and days. I tried several times to get off the drugs, but didn’t have the will power.

​One night, my sister called me and told me she had found a source of nutritious, whole, natural foods, and she had energy! I was immediately interested, even though I wasn’t eating anymore. Then she said the three magic words. YOU DRINK IT. I could still drink. I knew it wouldn’t save my life, but maybe I could extend it. I began a healthy lifestyle and the Sunrider foods, then came my miracle. Six weeks after starting the Sunrider foods, I was drug free! My bowels started to function, my skin cleared up, and my life was saved. I didn’t want the drugs any more.For the last 19 years, my life has become magnificent.”*

Colleen C. - Arizona

Make a quick, super charged meal, by mixing a Quinary packet with NuPlus or VitaShake, all-natural whole food formulas. It is also delicious as a hot tea.


Recommendation: 1-3 Quinary packets of concentrated powder formula per day
(1 packet =10 caps, 1 bottle =100 caps, Liqui 5 - 1 liquid vial =10 caps).