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  • Soothes tired muscles*
  • Ideal for overall rubdowns*
  • Gives an instant lift*
  • A refreshing experience when massaged on neck, temples, and muscles*
  • Powerful aromatherapy essential oils made from flowers and herbs to inhale through your nose and mouth*
  • Athletes get muscle relief from a surprising burst of menthol and eucalyptus*
  • Makes a great foot massage*
  • Apply to abdominal area*

SunBreeze oil and balm contain no artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Both are the same formula; however one is in an oil form and the other in a balm.

Avoid eye area.


“I was scheduled to have surgery on my left knee to remove a cyst. Three days before I was to have this done, I was introduced to the SunBreeze oil. I massaged it into the affected area of the knee and reapplied it several times. Within an hour, I had relief from the pain. I began eating the basic Sunrider foods and doing appropriate exercises. The next time I went to have my knee worked on, the doctor x-rayed it. The cysts had shrunk and the doctor decided to delay the surgery. I continued with my Sunrider nutrition and applying the SunBreeze - and the surgery got delayed permanently! I used to smoke 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day and now I am down to 1 ½ packs. I have lost 25 pounds.”*

Laura W. - Iowa

“Our family just returned from a summer vacation at the beach. What I was happy about, as a mother, was that I had a SunBreeze in my purse. I found that SunBreeze helps the body balance in the area it is applied. My 7 year old daughter got stung by a bee. Instantly we applied SunBreeze and her screaming stopped. My 10 year old had a bad accident on his skate board. I applied the SunBreeze and the huge bump went down. My 14 year old wouldn’t put SPF on and got very bad sunburn. He couldn’t sleep because of the pain. I applied the SunBreeze to his red skin and he slept through the night. My husband had a stomach ache, probably because he ate too much, but whatever the reason, at my insistence he rubbed SunBreeze on it, and it went away. It even took care of my headache when I rubbed it on my temples and neck. We all love the invigorating wake up it gives our sinuses when we smell it. I will never leave home without that little round balm and I’m so glad I didn’t this time.”*

Tanya E. - Washington